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I was new to triathlon as of 2016. I tried a mini-sprint to "just do one" but like so many here, I really enjoyed it so I didn't stop at just one. I'm not very fast and am still building my skills, but I've got heart and spirit galore. I'm excited to be a member of the club to meet new people and to learn from those with more experience.


Triathlon has been a part of my life for almost a decade. On a whim, I signed up for an Xterra at Brighton rec, which was my local mountain bike trail, and I was instantly hooked. At the time I was working as an auto mechanic and even though I no longer work on cars, I've taught myself to wrench on bikes and I'm always happy to help our club members with some advice or quick bike adjustment. My wife, a fellow club member, and I live in Dexter with our 2 dogs.


Marathons, ultras and triathlons. Well trained at torturing myself over long periods of time.


Davita Burkhead-Weiner


I love getting out and exploring! Trail running, mountain/gravel/fat biking, triathlon...etc.


Triathlete since 1985, before many of you were born. I love to compete and see what the body and mind are capable of.

Swimmer and runner trying to be a cyclist! Been doing triathlons since my swimming days starting in 2nd grade with a 10 year break after college. I love training and racing in the Midwest and getting to know the club members and all their greatness!

As an adult-onset athlete, I started with cycling (including a ride across the U.S. in 1997) and keep adding other sports and events. Love life in the back of the pack and occasionally in the middle of the pack. You don't have to be fast, just keep going.

Been doing tris since 2016, after trying to cure myself of being a life-long couch potato. Been training HARD since the beginning of COVID, and hoping to actually complete my FIRST official Sprint Tri this year (that's right) and perhaps my first Olympic tri.

I have been racing since long, long ago... 2006, everything from sprints to Ironmans. I have lots of stories to tell, but I'm not in any danger of winning anything. Happy to be part of the awesome triathlete community in Ann Arbor!

Audrey Wu


I didn’t do sports as a kid. Took swimming lessons in my mid-40s to try triathlon and fell in love with the sport right away. In “real life,” I am a cardiologist and mom of 3 kids. I love seeing and supporting people starting out in triathlon!






The first step for this committee is to identify options for yearly club races and to present to the board. We typically support the T-Rex Triathlon and Tri Goddess as our local races for which we coordinate refreshments and provide the club tent and grill. For destination races, the committee is responsible for booking a hotel room block, scheduling a pre-race dinner, coordinating transportation of the tent and hosting a WhatsApp group to keep everyone informed.


Coordinate community outreach events including events with the Karen’s Trail initiative. We also encourage committee members to reach out to local community groups to help promote both our club and triathlon and multisport activities.


Meet monthly to discuss our role in promoting our club and making sure that it is accessible to a wider array of people. Our goal is to educate ourselves on best practices by engaging in community and nationwide events. The committee then shares best practices and provides content to committees like social media and education.


Plan clinics, educational panels and talks, and to gather other educational resources from both within and outside of our club that can be linked through our webpage. This may include coordinating venues for educational sessions or coordinating and leading virtual meetings. Topics may include nutrition, cross-training, maintenance training, mental health, mindfulness and gear reviews.


Work with our current partners and seek out new partners to have mutually beneficial relationships. Keep the club’s finances in check.


Plan the fall and spring meetings including securing a facility/site, planning food, coordinating with sponsors and organizing a speaker for the spring meeting are the main goals of this group. We will also aim to host an early season new member meeting as an opportunity for new members to meet other athletes. We also work to include non-triathlon or even non-athletic events including happy hours, book club, or other informal meet-ups.


Manage the club Facebook, Instagram and YouTube channel. These accounts allow for us to promote our sponsors and individual club members, to announce upcoming races, and to announce club results at recent races and events.

Rhoda Miel (Facebook, YouTube), Audrey Wu (Instagram)


Be in touch with community organizations for which we volunteer, especially Epic Races. This entails checking in about volunteer needs and expectations as well as recruiting the volunteers.


Manage website. We welcome club members who are familiar with website creation and maintenance. 


The first step is to send welcome postcards to each new member. Committee members will be identified as part of this group in some manner (? t-shirts) so that they are visible and approachable at events and workouts.


Host year-round workouts which include but are not limited to swim, run, bike and brick events. Committee members assist in planning the workouts, updating information on both the website and the club calendar, route planning, securing sites/facilities, coordinating refreshments where appropriate and making sure that at least one member of the workout committee is present at each workout to be available for questions.

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