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    President  Randy Schwemmin  I have been racing since long, long ago... 2006, everything from sprints to Ironmans. I have lots of stories to tell, but I'm not in any danger of winning anything. Happy to be part of the awesome triathlete community in Ann Arbor! 
    Vice President Kimberly Vaughn I was new to triathlon as of 2016. I tried a mini-sprint to "just do one" but like so many here, I really enjoyed it so I didn't stop at just one. I'm not very fast and am still building my skills, but I've got heart and spirit galore. I'm excited to be a member of the club to meet new people and to learn from those with more experience. 
    Treasurer  PJ Wascher Marathons, Ultras and Triathlons. Well trained at torturing myself over long periods of time. 
    Secretary  Erin Pons My first exposure to triathlon was as a supporter and photographer for my husband's first 70.3 Ironman in Racine in 2011. I was amazed by the number of individuals who came out to cheer on their friends and family, and after seeing the participants cross the finish line, I knew that I had to take on the challenge myself. The next summer, my husband and I did that same race together. It was the most surreal, challenging, and rewarding experience of my "training" life so far. It's a great way to stay in shape, have fun with friends, and make awesome memories. 
    Board Members at Large  Courtney Kistler Swimmer and runner trying to be a cyclist! Been doing triathlons since my swimming days starting in 2nd grade with a 10 year break after college. I love training and racing in the Midwest and getting to know the Club members and all their greatness! 
      Davita Burkhead-Weiner I love getting out and exploring! Trail running, mountain/gravel/fat biking, triathlon...etc. 
      Jackie Garris  Triathlete since 1985, before many of your were born.
      Bob Headley    
      Rhoda Miel  Adult onset athlete!  
      Sam Ritter

    Working on my cycling this year. - Cycling is my meditation and I have close access to dirt roads. Also like the trails these days...

      Charles Rogers After the "season that wasn't" in 2020, really looking forward to the 2021 season. Been doing tris since 2017, after trying to cure myself of being a couch potato.   

    Ann Arbor Triathlon Club Committees

    • Workout Committee: Plan a weekly schedule of group workouts, help spread the word, and make sure somebody is there to lead the group: Sam RitterBob Headley 
    • Club Race Committee: Select races to encourage club members to attend.  Bring the club tent and plan any post race refreshments for the members: 
    • Sponsorship/Finance Committee: Work with our current partners and seek out new partners to have mutually beneficial relationships.  Keep the club’s finances in check; PJ WascherJackie Garris, Bob Headley 
    • The Buddy Program: Connecting newcomers to experienced triathletes for advice and support:   Adrian Forbes , Charles Rogers , Jackie Garris
    • Community Outreach Committee: Find opportunities for the club to help spread the sport of triathlon and let the community know who we are.  Plan a tri for kids, newbie clinics, etc.:  Erin Pons 
    • Social Committee: Plan and organize social events to keep current members in touch and to bring in new members: Davita Burkhead-Weiner 
    • Welcome Committee:  Act as the “welcome wagon” for new members: Kimberly Vaughn
    • Educational Program Coordinator:  News you can use on topics like nutrition, cross training, strength conditioning, stretching, mindfulness, and more: Courtney Kistler 
    • Volunteer Coordinator: Round up club members to volunteer at local races, and help with other club related items (I.e., collecting muffins for post-workout snack!): Charles Rogers
    • IT / Website: Manage website and IT: Randy SchwemminErin Pons, Sam Ritter
    • Diversity and Inclusion: Davita Burkhead-Weiner 
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