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Like so many of you, we, as the Board of Directors of the Ann Arbor Triathlon Club, are distressed and heartbroken at the racism faced by black members of our community and all over the US.  In supporting the fight for racial justice, we recognize the lack of diversity in our sport and know that we can be a part of creating and fostering a safe, supportive, and welcoming environment both within our club and in our community.  Racism and discrimination of any kind have no place in our club and we stand with USA Triathlon in our commitment to promoting a culture of equality.

As a step toward bringing more equity, inclusion, and diversity into our sport, we have formed the Ann Arbor Triathlon Club Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion committee. This committee is comprised of fellow local athletes in the Ann Arbor community. Get to know them below!

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Keerthi Gondy

Committee Member

Davita Burkhead-Weiner

Board Member and Committee Chair

Audrey Wu

Committee Member

Brian Urbancic 

Committee Member

Keerthi is passionate about improving accessibility and representation in triathlon. She is a member of the Diversity Triathlon Movement and is excited about improving ways to advocate for DEI within the sport. She is looking forward to training for the USA National Championships in August 2021. Outside of triathlon, she is an Emergency Medicine physician in San Francisco and enjoys taking care of her three dogs.

Davita is excited to work with our club toimprove the accessibility to and engagementwith our community as a whole.  She has participated in triathlon for about 10 years and especially enjoys cheering on her teammates!  She also loves exploring new trails on foot or on her mountain bike. Audrey has experienced the positive force that triathlon has been in her life and she wants to share that with as many people as possible.  She started racing in 2014 and fell in love right from the start, despite only learning to swim in her 40s.  She is always excited to discover that her body can do more than she thinks it can and she treasures the friends she has met through this sport.  
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Bonnie Ohye

Committee Member

Juan Jose Joachin

Committee Member

Kallisse Dent

Committee Member

Kimberly Vaughn

Board VP and Committee Member

Bonnie looks forward to learning and growing both as a club member and within her community.She has participated in triathlon for nearly 25 years and loves the camaraderie that she has found withinthis club.  She is appreciative of the many ways that triathlon has transformed her as an athlete and an individual.


Kali recognizes the important role that triathlon played in her development as a young athlete and wants to make sure that it is accessible to all interested. 

She has been racing for 13 years and loves meeting new training buddies who always inspire and encourage her.  


Kimberly appreciates any opportunity for us to bring new people to racing or recreating and hopes that this will help to make our community more welcoming than it already is today.  

She has been participating in triathlon since 2016 and enjoys seeing new people discover what their bodies and minds can do.  She especially loves the mindfulness associated with swimming

Laurie Svoboda

Committee Member

Kim Wehrmeister

Committee Member

Bob Headley

Board Member and Committee Member

Erin Pons

Board Secretary and Committee Member


Kim is excited to help make sure that everyone finds the opportunity to participate in something that they love no matter their appearance, ability or income. She has participated in triathlon for 9 years and loves that the sport allows her to combine being active and being outdoors. 


Bob looks forward to helping to share the sport of triathlon with as many people as possible by making it more inviting and accessible to our community at large.  

He has been racing triathlons for 8 years and especially likes the race morning jitters.  He is also happy to help his teammates with bike repair questions and when he is not racing can be found out on a local mountain bike trail.


Erin sees the opportunity to better tune in to our community and its unique needs in order to help the diversity of our athletic community grow.  Her first triathlon was in 2012 and she loves that it keeps her on her toes, always learning new skills and building new routines.  She looks forward to running her first marathon this Spring of 2021.


Moving forward, we would like to begin to work together to promote diversity and inclusion in our sport and in our community.  Please reply directly to davita@aatriclub.org if you would like to be involved in this discussion with the goal of forming a more permanent diversity and inclusion committee.  You can also contact USAT at diversity@usatriathlon.org.

For more information about supporting diversity, equity and inclusion, check out these sites:

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