Member Led Workouts Posting Tips

The events calendar on the AATC website will now allow members to post events directly!  This is a great way to organize member-led workouts or social events so everyone in the club has easy access to the information.

This is a new feature for our website.  This has gone through user testing and obvious bugs have been worked out but if you run into issues or have suggestions for future improvements, please email the club board at

Please note: Once posted, member-led events will show on the club calendar designated with a green dot.  The title will show on the calendar but only members who are logged into their AATC account will be able to click into the event to read the details.  Members will be able to RSVP so you know who is coming.  

Here are some guidelines on what to include in the event description to make your posting a success:

All events:

*You may wish to include your cell phone number so if someone has a question on the day of the event, is running behind, or has an emergency, they can reach you.


*Meeting location

*Distance of ride

*What is the approximate mph average the group will ride?    

*Is the ride no drop or drop?  No drop means every rider is accounted for at pre-designated points/intersections/turns.  If a rider doesn't show up, someone will circle back to locate the rider before the group continues the ride.  A drop ride means keep up or bye-bye!  It is expected that you keep pace with the group.  If you are unable, the group will carry on and you will be responsible for knowing the course and getting yourself back to the original meeting location.

*What type of ride?  Road, gravel, trail?

*Do you plan to make any stops?  Donuts?  Coffee?  Be sure to bring some cash!

*If you have a link to the route, post it!  Riders can download the route ahead of time if they wish or knowing the route in advance might help folks decide whether they wish to join.  


*Meeting location

*Distance of run

*What is the approximate pace you plan to run?

*What is the workout structure?  Just running?  Fartleks?  Run-walk-run method?  Hills?

*What type of run?  Road, trail, track?


*Meeting location

*Distance you plan to swim or amount of time you plan to swim

*What is the approximate swim pace?  Typically described in pace per 100 yds or time per mile

*If the location may be unfamiliar to most, you may wish to provide additional details.  Will the location have a place to change?  Restrooms?  

Feel free to create events for activities other than cycling, running, and swimming!  Are you going for a hike?  A long walk?  Heading to a happy hour and want to chat over drinks and apps?  Please feel free to share any event for which you'd like your fellow club members to join you.

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